About Dripp

We're based in New York City.

We're 50% woman owned.

Well if you've made it this far - sure!

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The Dripp Shower Liner

Our liner is made of 100% PEVA that is heat pressed to make it extra smooth and slippery. This means that the dirt, mildew and mold runs straight off.

There are no chemicals or other additives applied to a Dripp - it's 100% PEVA.

Check out our reviews on this - we're really proud of them!

If your shower liner is not a Dripp, and you're using it every day - then we recommend replacing it every 6 months.

With the same use, a Dripp will last for 9 months to over a year depending on variables like how much it's used, the ventilation in the bathroom, the soap used, and other environmental factors.

Shipping and Delivery

80% of our orders arrive within 4 working days.

95% arrive within 6 working days.

Holidays, weather disruption and other events can delay shipments.

If you're wondering where your order is please see the tracking details in your shipping confirmation email.

We have two warehouses:

1) Los Angeles
2) Philadephia

Orders ship from the closest warehouse to the shipping destination.

All Dripps ship in a recyclable shipping mailer.

Email us at hello@dripp-dripp.com

We reply to all emails within 1 working day.

Supply Chain & Transparency

Dripp is currently made in China.

We are working on moving our manufacturing to the USA.

We ensure our factories meet 3rd party code-of-conduct standards and do our best to ensure we're partnering with the right types of businesses.


We ship by sea and look to use the most environmentally friendly methods of transport.

Dripp is owned and operated by a small team in New York.

You can follow us on instagram or drop us an email at hello@dripp-dripp.com to learn more.

We're a small business with big dreams (of shower liners!)

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Please drop us an email at hello@dripp-dripp.com

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