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We spend our days worried about plastic straws, single use forks and plastic grocery bags, yet 77% of us throw away 2 or more shower liners a year!

That’s enough plastic to cover the entire city of Chicago each year!



It gets worse, most shower liners are made of PVC. It’s the cheapest plastic out there, it’s toxic, it smells like chemicals, it’s pollutes the air in your home and worst of all, you can’t recycle it.

So every time a PVC shower liner is thrown in the trash, it’s going to live in a landfill or worse floating in the ocean for 450 years.

Every shower liner you’ve ever owned, even the ones your parents and grandparents owned are still in existence, somewhere on this planet.


So we created Dripp. Born in New York City, Dripp is the shower liner of the future.

We spent months researching all the different materials you can make shower liners out of, we interviewed hundreds of customers for feedback and we sought out factories that would uphold the values important to us.

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