What Size Shower Curtain Liner Do I Need?

What size shower liner do I need?

The first question you need to answer when buying a shower curtain liner is whether you have a shower-bathtub combo or you have a shower stall.

1. Shower-Bathtub Combo


  • Standard¬†width for a shower-bathtub combo is 71-72 inches wide

  • If you have a "hoop rail" (a U-shaped rail¬†that extends over both sides of the bathtub) you will usually need two liners to pull from each side


  • Standard length for a shower-bathtub combo is 70 inches¬†

  • The optimal length is longer than the top of the tub by 5-6 inches

  • You can always¬†use scissors to trim your PEVA liner to the perfect length

All Dripp liners are a standard 72" wide x 70" long and fit most US shower-bathtub combos. They are also non-toxic, odorless, recyclable and include free shipping on all orders.

2. Shower Stall


  • Shower stalls require¬†a more narrow liner that is 48" wide


  • Shower stalls also require an extra length liner measuring 84" long

  • You may have to trim to your liner to the correct length if your shower is a non-standard size

In case your Dripp is not a perfect fit for your shower, we offer free returns on all orders.

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