What Size Shower Curtain Liner Do I Need?

What size shower liner do I need?


The first question you need to answer when buying a shower curtain liner is whether you have a shower over bath tub or you have a shower stall.


Shower over bath tub



For a standard shower over bath tub you will need a liner that is 71 inches wide.

If you have a ‘hoop rail’, most common with a roll top bathtub you will usually need two liners, to pull from each side.

All Dripp liners are 71 inches wide and fit most US bathrooms.




It’s important that you get the length correct. If your liner is too long, it will touch the floor of your bathtub which will become slippery and dangerous when wet. In addition water will get trapped between the liner and the bathtub which will lead to dampness, smells and germs.

The optimal length is for the liner to be longer than the top of the tub by 5-6 inches. This gives enough length to stop water escaping, whilst not hanging too deep in the tub to create a hazard.

70 inches is the standard length. However if you live in an older building with a non-standard shower you may require a shorter liner. These are hard to find, but we recommend buying a standard length liner then using scissors to trim it to the perfect length.

For some newer buildings you may need an ‘extra length’ shower liner which are 84 inches long. We currently do not offer the extra long option will be soon! Join our newsletter for new product updates.


Shower Stall


Shower stalls require an extra length liner that is 48" wide by 84” long. You may have to trim your liner to the correct length if your stall shower is a non-standard size.


Free and easy returns - We offer free returns, so if you do order the wrong size you can always return your Dripp liner for your money back.

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Does your treatment to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, mildew and smells creates VOC?

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