Tips for Sustainable Living with Arti Jalan

Tips for Sustainable Living with Arti Jalan

Arti Jalan is the founder of Forage and Sustain, an instagram account that helps her followers "live their best sustainable life." We love her message, and so wanted to ask her for more easy steps to live a bit more sustainably...beyond the obvious swap to a more eco-friendly shower liner, of course!

So without further ado, please enjoy our interview with Arti below:

1) To build a sustainable bathroom, it is key to welcome in the right products. Can you give us your top 5 top bathroom products? These could be skincare, beauty, cleaning essentials, bathroom decor, etc.

I have quite a few! But to name my top 5, I’d say:

  • My OKO Creations Reusable Makeup Rounds: these are such a gamechanger! Not only are they sustainable, they’re also super soft
  • For skincare, I’m so into every product Sahajan Skincare makes, especially their Essential Oil Cleanser
  • I started making my own DIY cleaning products this year, and I’m loving the results. I made an all-purpose cleaner for the counter top, and a vinegar infusion for glass and mirrors.
  • I also really love my Ten and Co sponge cloth. I collaborated with them to create my own design (#shamelessplug) and it’s the best for cleaning!
  • My Tushy Bidet 

2) If you could, what’s one plastic product you’d erase completely from the planet?

Plastic cutlery! I find it so completely wasteful, especially knowing how short the lifespan of its usage is. If you can’t bring your own, there are so many incredible disposable options that are earth-friendly, like bamboo, wood, grain-made, etc. We really don’t need plastic spoons and forks anymore.

3) Let’s be real: finding out that some of the products you love are harmful to the environment is hard. What has been the hardest part of living sustainably?

I would say clothing. It’s one of the most polluting industries on the planet, but global demand has made fast fashion into the new normal. It can be really hard to buy clothes that are actually sustainable, and that too, within budget. Accessibility to sustainable clothing can bring forth a ton of barriers like affordability, sizing, access when it comes to trying things on, etc. There are some incredible brands out there aiming to change this, so hopefully with time and demand, slow fashion will be more mainstream!

4) Sometimes, sustainable swaps can be expensive and hard to find. What’s one life-changing swap you discovered in the past year?

I’d have to say toothpaste! I know it’s not revolutionary, but I’ve switched from using tube toothpaste to toothpaste in jars this year. Toothpaste tubes are not recyclable, even if made from aluminum. Toothpaste that comes in jars is WAY better for our oral health, and even better, the jars are reusable and recyclable. I was never a fan of the toothpaste tablet trend that took off, so I’m excited by this switch that really works for me.

5) What is one healthy habit in your morning routine that you picked up during quarantine?

I’ve stopped using an alarm! Unless I have a meeting/call in the morning that I’m worried I won’t wake up for in time, I don’t set an alarm. I noticed that I naturally wake up around the same time every day, and the jarring sound of my alarm was unnecessary and not the best way to start the morning. Now, I wake up more peacefully and without a jolt, and I’m loving it!

6) What are your favorite songs to sing in the shower?

Haha, I’m definitely not much of a singer, but I often drift to “Hey Soul Sister." An oldie but I’ve always loved how upbeat it is. I had a boss in my first job out of uni who would often walk into the office singing this, so I guess it has sort of become my morning song!

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