How often should I clean my shower liner?

How often should I clean my shower liner?

We all know the feeling - just after your morning shower when you’re feeling squeaky clean and ready for the day, and then you accidentally brush against your shower liner. The soggy, jelly feel of the plastic and whatever else is living on it is enough to make you want to shower all over again. 

It’s recommended that you clean your shower liner every week, twice a week in summer or if you live in a warm climate as the heat will increase the rate at which germs and bacteria spread. There are some great daily shower cleaning sprays that reduce the need for deep cleans. Luckily if you have a Dripp liner the anti-bacterial coating will significantly reduce the need to use cleaning products.

Top Tips to clean your shower liner:

  1. Use non-toxic cleaning products
    To prevent germs, soap scum and unwanted marks building up on your liner we recommend daily cleaning using Method’s Daily Shower Cleaner. Its refreshing eucalyptus fragrance keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and the active water softener breaks down water marks to prevent them forming on your liner.

    For weekly cleaning we recommend Blueland’s Bathroom Starter Set. This ingenious cleaning system makes use of the same plastic bottle which you refill therefore reducing your plastic bottle consumption!

  2. Do not put it in the laundry machine
    You should never put a plastic or vinyl shower liner in the washing machine. The hot water and movement of the machine cause the plastic to break down releasing micro-plastics into the wastewater. Water treatment plants can only remove around 40% of micro-plastics, resulting in 60% going into our water ecosystem. If your shower liner is so dirty that cleaning by hand won’t remove the stains or the smell, it’s most likely time for a new one.

  3. Replace regularly to prevent germs and smells building up.
    Even non-toxic, high quality shower liners reach a point of no return. We recommend replacing your liner twice a year if you use it every day.  But before you throw your old liner in the trash be sure to check if it’s recyclable! If your liner is made from PVC then unfortunately it is not recyclable; however, by replacing your liner with a Dripp you will ensure that your next one is!

However, there are some things you cannot clean off your shower liner.

If you’ve bought a shower liner for less than $10, odds are it is made of cheap toxic PVC. This material is pretty sinister, no matter how often you clean it, the chemicals in PVC ‘off gas’ into the air in your bathroom, these chemicals are known carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Dripp’s are always 100% non-toxic. They don’t off-gas and they are treated to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.

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