Frost vs. Clear - Why a frosted shower liner is better

Frost vs. Clear - Why a frosted shower liner is better

Throughout time there have always been questions that have puzzled even the world’s most acclaimed and celebrated intellectuals. Questions whose only answer is a collective 🤷‍♀🤷‍♂. Questions such as:

What is my purpose? 

Is the universe finite? 

How long is a piece of string? 

What is time? 

Which shower liner is better - clear or frosted?

Luckily we are here to finally pull back the curtain on the latter - and the answer clearly is... frosted. Here’s why:

    • Disguises soap scum and product reside. Because those little droplets of water often contain soap or cleaning product, they leave behind marks as they travel down the shower liner. A frosted liner will do a much better job of hiding these little trails of residue.
  • Premium look and feel. Clear plastic can often appear cheap and flimsy, whether it actually is or not. A frosted liner will naturally have a thicker feel while also hiding the wrinkles and crinkles that are often a sign of a thinner, budget plastic. 
  • Can do double duty as a liner and curtain. A frosted liner can also serve as a curtain, saving you the need to purchase an expensive, fabric shower curtain. It offers a clean, elevated look to any bathroom, allowing the light in (to ensure your morning showers are still bright and cheerful) while maintaining a sense of modesty (you want to leave some things to the imagination, after all!) 

  • So there we have it - a straightforward answer to an age old question. Let’s all sleep a little more soundly tonight.

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