Sustainable Living Isn't About Being Perfect, says Elizabeth from ZeroWasteCutie

Sustainable Living Isn't About Being Perfect, says Elizabeth from ZeroWasteCutie

Elizabeth is the woman behind ZeroWasteCutie, an instagram account focused on taking small steps towards sustainability, not being perfect. It's inspiring and optimistic - just what we need in our daily feed. So we wanted to ask her a few questions about how she practices sustainability (beyond a more eco-friendly shower liner), especially in - where else - the bathroom!

To build a sustainable bathroom, it is key to welcome in the right products. Can you give us your top 5 top bathroom products? These could be skincare, beauty, cleaning essentials, bathroom decor, etc.

I love using the sunscreen from Butter Me Up Organics on Etsy. It comes in a glass jar and is easy to apply. I have bamboo toilet paper from Naturolly here in Canada which is a great alternative to bleached white toilet paper. I also hope to get a bidet one day too. I use Imaya Beauty’s retinol face oil in my hair. I also use Kind Laundry to wash my clothes and I love that it’s made out of only 3 natural ingredients!

If you could, what’s one plastic product you’d erase completely from the planet?

This is a hard one but I’m tired of seeing plastic bottles replace all the aluminum and glass bottles in the grocery stores. I know corporations have switched to plastic to cut cost but it’s very hard to recycle them vs aluminum or glass.

Let’s be real: finding out that some of the products you love are harmful to the environment is hard. What has been the hardest part of living sustainably?

I think it’s the pressure to be perfect. I still have plastic in my life from prescriptions and even my electric toothbrush (apparently I’m a horrible brusher and get a lot of cavities and bleeding gums). Sustainability should be about doing what you can and trying your best. I’ve cut down waste in a lot of other ways. There is also the bigger issue in which systemic change is needed.

Sometimes, sustainable swaps can be expensive and hard to find. What’s one life-changing swap you discovered in the past year?

I definitely agree that sustainable swaps have more of an investment upfront but over time it does save more money. Handkerchiefs are amazing. I carry around 5 organic cotton handkerchiefs from the Last Object with me and find it more convenient than I thought. It's crazy how we swapped them for disposable tissues. I have a discount code if you are interested in trying it out. Use ZEROWASTECUTIE for 10% off your purchase at

What is one healthy habit in your morning routine that you picked up during quarantine?

Taking time to look outside instead of staring at my phone has had a positive change on my mood for the day. I also make tea lattes now at home with less sugar and plant based milks (we make our own soy milk) and it saves money too!

What are your favorite songs to sing in the shower?

Personally I’m more of a listener than a singer but I enjoy listening to kpop like Spring Day by BTS or You and I by IU. I also love Good As Hell by Lizzo, her music makes me feel powerful.

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