Can I put my plastic shower liner in the washing machine?

Can I put my plastic shower liner in the washing machine?

We all know the feeling. You’re enjoying your morning shower, feeling fresh and clean, when you look down and see those suspicious black marks and slime all over your shower liner. Suddenly you feel dirty and dread accidentally brushing against the soggy plastic as you tip-toe out of the shower.

As an environmentally conscious consumer, you may feel guilty about throwing yet another plastic shower liner in the trash - not sure where it will end up. You may wonder “Can I put my shower liner in the laundry machine?” 

The simple answer is no.

There are numerous blogs and comments on the Internet  where people describe how their shower liner comes out of the laundry machine ‘good as new’. What  they don’t realize is that the damage they are doing to the environment is much worse than if they responsibly recycled their shower liner and replaced it with a new one.

What happens to my shower liner in the laundry machine?

The motion of the drum spinning around and around, added with hot soapy water, causes your shower liner to break apart in the machine. It releases thousands of micro-plastics, which  then drain away with the waste water at the end of the wash. The waste water then goes to your city water treatment plant. 

It’s estimated that water treatment plants can only remove around 40% of microplastics  from household waste water, meaning the remaining 60% is pumped into the rivers, streams, and oceans beside these water treatment plants.

Micro-plastics are then absorbed into the marine food chain, eventually making their way into the human food chain.

The more often a shower liner is washed, the more fatigued the plastic becomes, the more microplastics it releases.

At Dripp we recommend replacing your shower liner every 6-8 months to avoid dirt and bacteria build-up. All of our shower liners are 100% recyclable so you’ll feel zero guilt replacing it and recycling your old one!

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